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He has been WBO champion for 10 years, after beating Chris Eubanks in 1997, now he has also added the WBA and WBC.

It was a good fight IMO with the Dane Kessler being the stronger, however Joe's hand speed and work rate were second to none. Do you think there is any Super Middleweight in the division capable of dethroning him?

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Remember that we are the largest free online dating service, so you will never have to pay a dime to meet your soulmate. Surely now Joe Calzaghe has proven he is the undisputed Super middleweight Champion and the best in the business at that weight.

Amir Khan..., has he got some Italian blood in him? of cause in the UK he is known as one of the greats.

But we're not all early finishers, bit too premature that was lolah well, look forwards to July now. i think Joe Calzghes record speaks for itself; Joe Calzaghe - Won 43 (32 KOs) Opponent Result Contest Date Paul Hanlon TKO1 01/10/93 Paul Mason TKO1 10/11/93 Spencer Alton TKO2 16/12/93 Martin Rosamond TKO1 22/01/94 Darren Littlewood TKO1 01/03/94 Karl Barwise TKO1 04/06/94 Mark Dawson KO1 01/10/94 Trevor Ambrose TKO2 30/11/94 Frank Minton KO1 14/02/95 Bobbi Edwards W8 22/02/95 Robert Curry TKO1 19/05/95 Tyrone Jackson TKO4 08/07/95 Nick Manners TKO4 30/09/95 Stephen Wilson TKO8 British super middleweight title 28/10/95 Guy Stanford TKO1 13/02/96 Anthony Brooks TKO2 13/03/96 Mark Delaney TKO5 British super middleweight title 20/04/96 Warren Stowe TKO2 04/05/96 Pat Lawlor TKO2 15/05/96 Carlos Christie TKO2 18/01/97 Tyler Hughes KO1 22/03/97 Luciano Torres TKO3 05/06/97 Chris Eubank W12 WBO super middleweight title 11/10/97 Branco Sobot TKO3 WBO super middleweight title 24/01/98 Juan Gimenez TKO9 WBO super middleweight title 25/04/98 Robin Reid W12 WBO super middleweight title 13/02/99 Rick Thornberry W12 WBO super middleweight title 05/06/99 David Starie W12 WBO super middleweight title 29/01/00 Omar Sheika TKO5 WBO super middleweight title 12/08/00 Richie Woodhall TKO10 WBO super middleweight title 16/12/00 Mario Veit TKO1 WBO super middleweight title 28/04/01 Will Mc Intyre TKO4 WBO super middleweight title 13/10/01 Charles Brewer W12 WBO super middleweight title 20/04/02 Miguel Jimenez W12 WBO super middleweight title 17/08/02 Tocker Pudwill TKO2 WBO super middleweight title 14/12/02 Byron Mitchell TKO2 WBO super middleweight title 28/06/03 Mger Mkrtchian TKO7 WBO super middleweight title 21/02/04 Kabary Salem W12 WBO super middleweight title 22/10/04 Mario Veit TKO6 WBO super middleweight title 07/05/05 Evans Ashira W12 WBO super middleweight title 10/09/05 Jeff Lacy W12 WBO/IBF/IBO super middleweight title 05/03/06 Sakio Bika W12 WBO/IBF super middleweight title 14/10/06 Peter Manfredo jr RSF3 WBO super middleweight title 07/04/07Doh, I did say stop didn't I....

Britain has produced 2 great boxers recently Joe Calzghe and Ricky Hatton yet the worlds "greatest" boxers are indeed affraid to fight them.

even though i think the ref stopped it much too early.calzaghe would of got him in the next round or the round after that..his real test will be in his next fight..reckon its either gonna be winky wright.jermaine taylor or bernard hopkins..them guys are the real deal..though bernard hopkins is over the hill (40 odd years old) its gonna be joe calzaghes toughest fight yet..luck to him..will need it.....whitey said.has been ducking carl froch for a few years..is a dangerous fecker.if him and joe fought.would be the biggest domestic fight this country has ever seen.bigger than benn and eubanks,,,,seen the guy J. fight twice (notice his initials,they dont call him the son of god for nothing)excellent fighter,a complete gentleman and a worthy champion. Hatton has got a date set to fight Floyd Mayweather on dec 8th after his brutal bodyshot finish of Jose Luis Castillo (When was the last time we had a Brit boxer who could do that? I have no doubt he will take the airbag down the same as he has the rest of his 44 proffesional opponents and that American's will blame it on the fact that Mayweather had been 'out of the game' for 10 months.... i do think if he was say American he would rightly be know throughout the world as one of the greatest ever.

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)Glad he's finally getting his payday for reigning unchallenged over the weight divison since the great Eubank/Benn/Watson/Colins days. I guess it's a bit like football (another sport I don't watch) it's boring watching on your own.i do enjoy a good fight, Joe Calzaghe is in a league of his own.

I don't think he has better quality oposition than the ones in our country.